23 Food To Lower Cholesterol Naturally

23 Food To Lower Cholesterol Naturally - Foods That Can Cause High Cholesterol
Foods That Can Cause High Cholesterol

For those who suffer from high cholesterol, fortunately, there is a way of natural healing that can be done without involving drugs. You live only a row of food to eat to lower cholesterol naturally:

#1 Oats

Most of us would've known if oats are excellent for health-especially those who have high cholesterol. This is because the oats contain a substance called beta-glucan that can absorb the bad cholesterol (LDL) and throw it out of the body.

Unfortunately, the less savory flavors often stop some people from consuming food derived from wheat. But when you miss being able to lower cholesterol naturally, then no harm in replacing the daily breakfast menu with oats.

You can add a piece of fruit such as blueberries, strawberries, or bananas to supplement the taste. The reason, with eating 2 servings of oats for 6 weeks already can lower LDL levels by as much as 5.3%.

#2 Red Wine

23 Food To Lower Cholesterol Naturally - Red Wine
23 Food To Lower Cholesterol Naturally - Red Wine

Maybe a new handful of people only ever or can sample the pleasures of the red wine. Although classified as an aperitif, different red wine with beer or other such drinks.

The experts found high fiber contained in red wine kind of Tempranillo (the usual materials used to make red wine Rioja), able to lower cholesterol levels.

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Such thinking is reinforced by the results of a study which was held at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). A team of experts found that the participants who consumed supplements wine from the same material with red wine was found to decrease cholesterol levels up to 9-12%.

#3 Salmon And Fatty Fish

Omega-3 acids contained within the Salmons have been proven over the years were able to take away someone from heart disease, dementia, and cholesterol. According to experts from the University of Loma Linda, replace foods that contain saturated fats with salmon, sardines, or fish it could boost levels of good cholesterol (HDL) of up to 4%.

#4 Nuts

If you are confused looking for a snack that is safe and does not trigger a rise in cholesterol, then the nuts are the best option. Results of the study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition explains, those who consume nuts walnuts every day for a month-long decline overall cholesterol up to 5.4%, LDL levels declined until 9.3%.

When the walnut is considered somewhat difficult to get, then you can replace it with the almonds, cashews, or edamame. That is worth remembering is also high in calories, so a fixed limit his consumption.

#5 Tea

The antioxidants contained in the tea turns out not only was able to ward off cancer but also of LDL. According to USDA Research, held parties, black tea consumption may lower blood lipids to 10% just in the past 3 weeks. With such dangerous diseases such as coronary artery disease can be prevented.

#6 Seeds

Experts from Arizona State University Polytechnic believe that adding a ½ cup of whole grains into the soup can lower cholesterol levels by up to 8%. The cause was a grain such as lentils, sunflower seeds, black beans or pinto, red, high fiber can slow the absorption of cholesterol from certain foods when it goes in the body.

#7 Dark Chocolate

23 Food To Lower Cholesterol Naturally - Dark Chocolate
23 Food To Lower Cholesterol Naturally - Dark Chocolate

The Happy news comes for the fans of dark chocolate because these foods can increase the levels of good cholesterol. AJCN study, published a few years ago found that participants consumed, cocoa powder is experiencing increased levels of HDL as much as 24% just in the past 12 weeks only.

When purchasing, choose a dark chocolate that tastes bitter and contains cocoa high. Because compared to regular milk chocolate, dark chocolate contains antioxidants 3 x more so that blockage of the arteries can be prevented.

#8 Margarine

When this long You always use butter when cooking, then replace it with margarine that can lower cholesterol by up to 3.5%. So the advice from the results of a study published by the AJCN.

#9 Garlic

23 Food To Lower Cholesterol Naturally - Garlic
23 Food To Lower Cholesterol Naturally - Garlic

Not just makes dishes more luscious and fragrant garlic can also lower cholesterol, prevent blood blockage, reduce blood pressure, as well as protect the body from various infections. If you want to combat cholesterol intensively, then try taking garlic cloves every day 2-4.

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#10 Olive Oil

Replace your regular cooking oil with olive oil is not only able to scrape fat lodged in the stomach, but also lowers LDL levels in the body. In addition to cooking, you can also use olive oil to flavor salads, fish or other foods. Alternative salad seasoning other more healthy and friendly for cholesterol is vinegar, juice of lemon, or lime juice.

#11 Spinach

Vegetable favorite cartoon character Popeye it contains lots of lutein, a kind of yellowish pigment found in egg yolk or other vegetables. In a world of his own health, lutein is already had a good reputation for being able to prevent the onset of macular degeneration (a cause of blindness).

But the benefits of lutein apparently could not stop up there, because these substances can also ward off heart attacks. Lutein can erode the usual cholesterol stick to the blood vessels so that blockages inevitable.

#12 Avocado

More than other fruits, avocado contains beta-sitosterol, a type of plant fats that can reduce the absorption of cholesterol from food. However, because this fruit is a high content of calories (300 CAL) and fat (30 gr), then eat without exaggeration.

#13 Carrots

Because the fiber is good for cholesterol and can make the stomach full for longer, then the carrots should be included in the list of foods that can lower cholesterol naturally.

#14 Banana

The reason is similar to the carrot applies to bananas. In addition, eating bananas regularly also proved capable of lowering high blood and improve mood.

#15 Yogurt

Not only low in fat, but the drinks are well populated with the types of microorganisms Lactobacillus sp is also high in protein and calcium.

#16 Brown Rice

Than white rice that has a high glycemic index, choose Brown rice that the fibers more. As already mentioned earlier, the much-needed fiber for cholesterol because it can stimulate the decline of sugar in the blood. In addition, brown rice is also richer in vitamin B, selenium, magnesium, as well as phytonutrients.

#17 Celery

In addition to nuts, it's worth you add celery soup cooking every time. Besides the enriched with antioxidants, celery is also beneficial for inhibiting the onset of LDL oxidation.

#18 Beans

After setting up the carrots and celery, then do not forget to add also the beans to the soup. Vegetables are good for diabetics can also erode the existence of LDL from the body.

#19 Jambi Seeds

Like open is credited in this case because a substance high in guava can control the production of cholesterol. The same role is also given by red tomatoes and watermelon red.

#20 Pomegranate

Who would have thought of a teeny fruit grains stored power that able to boost nitric oxide production so that the formation of plaque in blood vessel walls can be avoided?

#21 Mango

Another fruit that can prevent the formation of plaque is mangoes are rich in vitamin C.

#22 Strawberry & Blueberry 

Is a type of antioxidant pterostilbene in fruit berry when it comes to the Affairs of lowering cholesterol.

#23 Apple & pear

Just like oats, Apple and pear also contain beta-glucan and so the presence of cholesterol in the body can still control. To obtain his nutritional intact, eat both pieces together with the Peel. But when no apples at home, then you can replace it by drinking vinegar regularly.

In addition to a row of food above, you can also count on the cilantro, ginger, and cinnamon spice, because this can also lower cholesterol naturally.

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