7 Healthy Foods That Actually Not Healthy

7 Healthy Foods That Actually Not Healthy
Healthy foods

Healthy lifestyle increasingly recognized by modern society. In addition to sports that have become part of the lifestyle, healthy food consumption was no less desirable. Increasingly more and more healthy food products appear. However, the fact is not all healthy foods really have health benefits for the body. Do not believe We have the proof.

1. Dried fruit

Dried fruits, such as raisins, often as a healthy sweet snack. But keep in mind the presence of dried fruits are added sugar. Although not given additional sugar, the natural sugar in the dried fruit will, in fact, turn into substances that have high caloric levels. If consume it excessively, rising the rise in blood sugar levels.

2. Health drinks

When you finish exercising, there is nothing better than water for the lost body. Although advertising isotonic beverage advertising as a substitute for the best body ions, there is still a health risk in it, namely sugar levels. Moreover, isotonic beverage products are made in factories and use chemical techniques, so the risk of triggering obesity and tartar if consumed too often.

3. Gluten-free food

We certainly know that gluten-free foods are fiber-rich foods that are good for the body. But if it is claimed by processed food products, then you need to be vigilant. For gluten recipes, these processed products often use rice, potatoes, or tapioca starch, where you use more mature hunger.

4. Healthy bowl

A bowl full of healthy food is becoming a trend in the community. The ingredients used in it contain high healthy benefits, but only for each. When mixed, it happens the reaction of sugar, especially from a mixture of various fruits used, which we certainly know, can trigger an increase in insulin levels in the body.

5. Vegetable chips

Many people consider vegetable chips healthier than potato chips or cassava chips. The fact is that it is not true, because when it becomes chips, vegetables will lose nutrients and natural fiber. Instead of it is the content of fat and calories more or less the same as potato chips, especially if added salt.

6. Organic juice in bottles

Renamed, when additional beverage products into bottled containers, there is the possibility of adding sugar and preservatives to improve its lifetime. In addition, the need for fruit that has been transformed into juice at risk of loss of nutrition, fiber, and vitamins in large quantities.

7. Yogurt packing

It is very difficult to get pure yogurt in everyday life, unless you live near a dairy farm. Yoghurt sold in the market, including fresh yogurt, contains sugar and little protein so it is somewhat dubious of its health benefits.

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