Do not Eat Alone, Can Make Fat!

Do not Eat Alone, Can Make Fat! food-man-person-eating

Basically, human beings are social beings. Humans definitely need friends in living everyday life. It's just that every person must have experienced a conflict with friends, girlfriends, even parents.

It was proven when a woman broke up or quarreled with her lover. They chose to take it out with lots to eat, buy ice cream, and chocolates.

So also when the conflict with friends, women usually entertain themselves by eating and walking alone to the mall or other places.

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Launched from Boldsky, Sunday (5/11) research shows the relationship between loneliness and mental problems have to do with health. Conducted by a team of researchers at Ilsan Hospital of Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea, explains the surprising results.

As a result, self-feeding makes adults at high risk for metabolic syndrome, which is a risky term. For example high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. The team studied 7,725 adults who often ate alone.

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The study found that men who eat themselves are at high risk of health problems. In fact with a 45 percent increased risk of obesity and a 64 percent increased risk of metabolic syndrome. Men are twice as likely to get sick than women who feed themselves twice a day (with a risk of only 29 percent).

The research has been published in a journal called Obesity Research and Clinical Practice. In conclusion, a person who is lonely and mentally disturbed tend to run away with a lot of food so that cause health problem.

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