Food Source of Vitamin E Best for Your Body

Food Source of Vitamin E Best for Your Body - agriculture basket beets bokeh
agriculture basket beets bokeh

Fight free radicals and prevent cancer with various foods containing the following Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a general term for "tocopherol" and consists of four different forms. Healthy benefits of vitamin E comes from its antioxidant content, among others:

  • Protects the body from toxins (air pollution, etc.)
  • Expel free radicals from the body, boost the body's immune, and prevent cancer
  • Preventing eye disorders (cataracts, etc.)
  • Streamlining the blood circulation
  • Excellent for skin, accelerate wound healing and acne, anti-aging

After knowing how important the benefits of vitamin E for health and beauty, then now is the time we discuss in more detail about foods high in vitamin E what needs to be consumed daily.

Foods that contain high vitamin E include:

1. Almonds

Food Source of Vitamin E Best for Your Body - almonds pistachios cashews dried nuts
almonds pistachios cashews dried nuts

Beans are large enough (compared to other nuts) this turned out to be a source of vitamin E mainstay. In 28 grams of almond contained 7.4 grams of vitamin E where this amount is enough to meet 27% of our daily needs (DRA).

It does not have to be a pea product, you can also get vitamin E through milk or almond oil. But of all the mentioned preparations, the most recommended is the raw almond nuts.

2. Grains

Other raw food sources that are also high in vitamin E content are seeds such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin, and sesame. In fact, just by eating 30 grams of these grains alone can meet 90.5% DRA vitamin E. Incredible!

3. Spinach

Vegetables that became popular with children because of the favorable cartoon character Popeye is not only worthy of a source of calcium, but also folate, and of course, vitamin E. By eating 225 grams of boiled spinach alone, it can meet 20% of vitamin E.

4. Wheat germ (core of wheat germ)

Most oils from grains are actually rich in vitamin E. But the best oils that are abundant vitamin E content can be obtained from wheat germ oil (wheat germ oil). The reason, just by consuming 1 tbsp of this oil alone can meet 100% DRA vitamin E.

But if it's hard to get it, you can replace it with sunflower seed oil, coconut, cottonseed (5 mg vitamin E), or olives. In choosing oil products, you are advised to choose organic ones.

5. Hazelnut (hazelnut)

In addition to almonds, hazelnuts are also packed with vitamin E that can meet 20% of DRA for each serving of 28 grams.

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6. Avocado

This one fruit is not only rich in folate so good for pregnant women but ½ fruit alone already contains more than 2 mg of vitamin E.

7. Broccoli

In addition to entering the ranks of foods high in protein, broccoli is also superior in terms of vitamin E content is able to meet 4% of DRA (for every 225 grams).

8. Parsley (leaf soup)

Vitamin E food More than just a sweetener serving soup, salad, or other dishes, there is a vitamin E content hidden in parsley.

9. Olive fruit

Not only the oil but the olives are also superior about vitamin E content. Every 225 grams of olives can meet 20% of vitamin E.

10. Papaya

Fruits that contain vitamin C-more than oranges are also rich in vitamin E (17% DRA per 1 fruit) so that makes it fit to be one of the good fruit for beauty and skin health.

11. Beans

In addition to almonds and hazelnuts, 28 grams of other beans that also contain vitamin E include pistachio (3% DRA) and walnuts (2%).

12. Shrimp

Yes, seafood enthusiasts must feel comforted to know that shrimp is not only high in protein content but also vitamin E (2.2 mg / 100 g).

13. Fish

You can also get vitamin E intake by consuming 85 grams of fish (6% DRA) and salmon (5%).

14. Kiwi

Kiwi is not only superior to its vitamin C content but its vitamin E also (1.5 mg / 100 gr). In addition to kiwi, other fruits high in vitamin E are blackberries (8% DRA), mango (7%), peach (7%), apricots (7%), mulberry (6%), guava (6%), and raspberries (5%).

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